Bitter Sweet

There are so many amazing moments I experience as a person, daughter, wife, friends and mother.  As a mother, there are so many bitter sweet moments…like folding up clothes that your babies can’t fit into anymore, and placing them into a donation pile, watching, and blubbering as the nice guys from the D.A.V. load up the crib both kids slept in while they grew so quickly, listening to conversations the kids have about things they are learning about in their world around them, watching their cheeks thin out and the dimples on their hands disappear…these things, to me, are bittersweet.  I love every stage of their little lives, and although my heart hurts a little for the things that used to be, I am excited about what’s happening now and what’s next for them.

Do you have a bitter sweet moment that you can recall?  I’m sure there are more than just one, but drop me a response if you have one you’d like to share.

IMG_6996 IMG_6989

Spring break is over and every time I take these kids of mine back to school, I drive away a little teary.  I certainly get A LOT more done when they are at school, but the house is quiet (which is sometimes okay) empty and lonely.  So I will just have to settle for the company of my ancient cat, my little dog and the turtle.  I’ll be okay.  It’s cool.  I’m fine.  Seriously.  Sniff.  No, I’m not crying!

Okay.  Now that my kids are back in school and I am NOT crying, I swear…I have worked on several new pieces of jewelry and I will be putting them up on Etsy in the next few days.

IMG_6964A few sparkly stones, pretty pearls, shiny, iridescent buttons, ladybugs and more.  Check this link for new pieces in the next day or two.

Have a lovely eve, and Happy Green Day.

-Jenny T.