Dog Gone Laundry




This is Lucy.  She is my sweet SWEET two year old terrier-chihuahua.  I love her.  And she loves me, well all of us and every single soul she’s ever met.  And she loves laundry fresh from the dryer.  She will hear the buzz, then the door squeak open and her little feet hit the floor and come running to a HUGE pile of laundry thrown on our bed (always huge, it’s how these kids clean their’s how I cleaned MY room until I started to do my own laundry.  No wonder my mom was grumpy.)

She will dig around and sometimes you can barely see her, but this is one of her common stopping points.  Dig dig dig, then, when she finds a perfect place, she lays down and lets out a big tiny dog sigh.  It’s so cute.

So yes, SHE loves laundry, but I do not.  It never EVER ends.  I saw the bottom of my empty laundry baskets on Super Bowl Sunday.  Serious.  And it was for like 30 seconds.  And I think I was the one chucking laundry in it because I HAD to.  I cried a little that day.

Our little family has been under the weather with a tummy something or another for the last week.  My little lady got it first, then my boy.  This weekend it was my turn.  I haven’t eaten much that agreed with me.  Today was the same careful diet of toast.  Carefully.  However, my daughter is one of these “born with it” big hearted, thoughtful peeps (I learn a LOT about how to be a better person from her).  So my sweet Ruby, knowing I couldn’t eat much in the real world, came around the corner with a pen and paper and said, “What would you like?”  and informed me that she was taking an order for her place called “Ruby’s Best Food”.  Is that the greatest name, ever?

I gave her my order, and soon, she came back with carefully and methodically prepared soup, salad, and dessert.  And a special drink.  Root beer float. See the froth?


I wish everyone had someone taking care of them like this girl does.  My little family is all like that.  I feel very fortunate.  And my tummy feels better, too.

Today in the art part of my life, I scoured old files for “Name Art”.

100_3447  100_3454100_2564

I still sell them on Etsy, but will be changing how I sell them significantly.  My husband is going to help me take all of my bazillions of old name art and with his magic, computery hot skills he will make me an alphabet of my very own!  I have used every single letter in the alphabet at least once in the years I have been making these.  All except X!  So we will be working on all of that.  We will then use that to make new name art pieces. And possibly prints of all of the letters!  It is going to be super cool.

Have a great nighty night.

-Jenny T.