Spring break week at my house means lots of free time, bike rides, hikes, and blanket-pillow forts.  Although we have a “WE PROMISE we will clean it up when we are done!” issue, it’s always fun to see what these guys come up with.  They have the best imaginations.  This one was an army boot camp fort, complete with mud pit and a look out side fort (it even had a periscope!)

IMG_6813 (2)

I have more of my prints up and am getting ready to do greeting cards with some of those prints.  They look so cute!

Here’s a link to my Etsy Shop to see the prints I have so far..


I also have been working on more of my hand cut wooden jewelry, mostly earrings so far.  I may add some pendants at some point and put them on the ball chain like my little wood slice pendants

IMG_6759 IMG_6452

Here is the link for the tulip earrings:

And the link for the woodburned and painted sun pendant:

Now, off to recover from being a little under the weather and enjoy more of the time I have with my sweet loves.  Have a wonderful Monday.

-Jenny T.