Hike It Up

My husband took my 6 year old daughter, just the two of them on a picnic-hike the other day when my son and I were under the weather.  While sitting for a water break, my daughter said, “Nature is really quiet, Dad.”

Where is your favorite place to listen to nature?  Favorite place to hike?

My sweet husband insisted that we go on the hike that he and my daugther went on the other day again, this time, the 4 of us.  It was so great.  I love watching these kids notice and discover.  We found this amazing shelter:

IMG_6841Then this cool little cactus,


and the roots of this tree…


And this mossy green drippy stuff that was awesome.  It was all awesome.

IMG_6849 IMG_6851

So, in creation land, (that’s my mind, my work table and sometimes my washer, my dryer and my kitchen table) I have pulled out my semi precious stones and pearls, a roll of sterling silver wire and my tools.  I am getting ready to crank out some more jewelry.  I have laid out some pretty shell buttons for earrings and necklaces, sparkly stones for a necklace and pretty meandering pearls for some bracelets!  Off I go to trim some wire for these pretty pieces!


Have a nice nighty night!

-Jenny T.