Sick Days

Sheesh!  My family is at it again!  This time just the kids, hope, hope…fevers, yucky cough, sore throats…my poor babies!


But they still are the cutest.  Thankfully after 4 days of fever for the little gal (and seriously, I was stressing out more than usual, and that’s a lot of stressing out, but the way…) they are SOO much better today and the little lady will go back to school tomorrow, and the little man will take one more day to recover since we still have a bit of a fever.

When my kids are home sick, or even not sick, I am not very productive, however, now that they are feeling a bit better, Sunday ended up being laundry, (still didn’t get to see the bottom of the basket), cleaning and catch up day!  To include, this lovely make-over of my workspace!


The photo above may not seem so clean, but it is, I swear! I am much more creative in an organized space. I feel like I cleaned out my mind! Well, not that I have a dirty mind.  It’s fairly clean, I mean, I think it is.IMG_7167IMG_7150 IMG_7151 IMG_7152 IMG_7155 IMG_7158 IMG_7169

I also had some time to add some new prints to my Etsy shop.  Above are a few of my new ones.  Here is the link to my shop!

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So if you follow, follow away and pass it on!  Hope your days are filled with sunshine and happy things today.  So long.

-Jenny T.