Sweet Seuss

IMG_6796I had to share this cute picture of my daughter, Ruby in her Dr. Seuss PJs.  After I took this cute picture, she read One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish to me.

In other developments, I have put a few prints and embellished prints of my work up in my Etsy Shop.  Having prints made of my art is brand new for me, and has changed my life and inspired me in a lot of new ways!  It sounds silly, but it’s true!  I am excited for the possibilities of offering a less expensive version of my original pieces and I am also enjoying the trial and error (the trial more than the error) and exploration of what I can do with my prints without the stress of ruining the original piece.

For example, I have had several collage canvas pieces that I made some time ago and have not been able to part with them, which is kind of a problem if you want to sell your art, right?!  I took them down to get prints and through some experimenting, I now have several versions and sizes of prints to play with!  They are printed on heavy archival paper with archival inks and are so bright and beautiful! Some prints have nice white borders and are going to be sold simply with a mat.  Some, I have even taken some of the prints and mounted them on painted wood blocks and embellished with beads, buttons and bows!

IMG_6687 IMG_6698

The first piece is the print of “Adore Heart” mounted on a the painted block, then I added the glitter, button and bow.  The next one is the print of the same piece.  Both of these cute pieces are available in my Etsy shop:


There are also lots and lots of new earrings.  I have been making so many earrings lately.  There are simple little Pearls of Wisdom earrings (more coming today), hand cut, wood burned and painted earrings (also posting more of these today), and hand drawn shrink film earrings!  So cute!



Off now, to continue to celebrate Seuss Month, post more pieces and get some cardio in!  Have a great day!