Jenny T.
Art in Nature

Art in Nature

Art in Nature, Journaling in the Field

First person view of Jenny T, nature journaling

We live in the most BEAUTIFUL and interesting place! I love sharing what I know with others and sharing my favorite spots, views and all things naturey! Here is what Art in Nature (Jenny T. Art Journeys) will look like:

Local Prescott area trails, observing area animals and plants, trees, tracks, views. Learning observation techniques and journal basics. Walking lightly and leaving no trace. Gentle existence in nature’s territory. First booking comes with an Art in Nature Journaling curated kit to utilize on your own and/or in future sessions. Two hour minimum. Choose from two 3 hour sessions or 3 two hour sessions. 

One on one sessions

  • $60 one time kit fee
  • plus $120 for a two hour session.
  • OR  $180 for a three hour session

Groups of 3 or more

  • $60 one time kit fee for each participant 
  • and an additional $100 per participant for a two hour nature sessions

Kit includes:

  • Watercolor Journal
  • Travel watercolor paints
  • Travel watercolor brushes
  • Tape
  • View finder
  • “Tush Cush” (Foldable pad for cushioning your tush in the field)
  • Paint dabber (wrist version)
  • 2 pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Waterresistent pen
  • Handled bag
  • Zipper pouch for smaller tools

Out in nature, you come at your own risk in all the ways. I will do my best to prepare you for anything I’d prepare myself for, but I take no responsibility for any accidental anything that occurs on our excursions. It is relatively safe, but there are critters, rocks, ledges, and choices I have no control over. Stay on trails unless otherwise instructed (and still, you’re responsible for your own safety) wear the proper attire to protect yourself from sun, rain, wind, weather and magical beings. You never know.