Jenny T.
Jenny T.

Jenny T.

Welcome to The Jenny Journey. Buckle up.

Just kidding, you don’t have to hear ALL of the details!

Jenny THere are some bullet points:

  • Nature, animal, human, life lover
  • Long-ish distance trail runner
  • Life long art maker and art appreciator
  • Great and handstands and stilt walking
  • Pursued Art Education in college
  • Became a mom and and worked on artist/jewelry maker/art teacher business
  • Taught lots of hard core fitness classes for lots of years along with the other stuff
  • Got Degree in Expressive Arts, while doing all the other stuff
  • Elementary Art teaching/one on one art teaching/workshops and art making while, well, you get it.
  • In addition to the other stuff, I am a Nature Art Journaling guide and a Therapeutic Art guide
  • Can’t stay awake during car chases in movies and maybe in real life but that hasn’t been tested. Yet.
  • HUGE believer in helping people become CONFIDENT CREATORS at any age.
  • Empowerment Scholarship (ESA) Service Provider