Jenny T.


Jenny T. Grown-Up Art Sessions


“Creativity takes courage” -Henri Matisse

Making art with others is so amazing! We encourage, inspire and ignite each other! Held at the ‘Tis gallery on Thursday evenings from 6 pm to 8 pm, 8-10 participants, minimum of 6. Prices vary per camp.

Here is an opportunity to spend time connecting with others and reconnecting with wonderful, creative you! We will paint, collage, write, stamp, watercolor, draw, support, encourage and inspire!

Group of grown-up students in a Jenny T. art class

Some groups workshops will be:

Healing Arts 

Various modalities of healing art making to help inspire self reflection, listening to intuition and grounding yourself in your inherent power. 

Painting Meditation

Meditative, moving, tranquil painting with watercolor where as always, we focus on the process of expression and not the outcome. Working with colors and experimenting with the delicate balance of water and paint, we see where this process takes us.

Mandala Meditation

Using beautiful, intricate patterns and radial symmetry, we created beautiful meditative mandalas together, strengthening our focus and drive, working on careful details and taking our time to slow down and create this beautiful work.

Art Cards

Beautiful mixed media works of art that are small, approachable and fun to try all kinds of art experiments on. Finger painting, stamps, collage, pens, markers, textures, the list goes on and on! The words and messages you add will be inspired by the vibe created in the group on that day and the how and what of where you are in those moments!

Big Canvas Abstract Expression

Having a big canvas can be daunting, but this is your opportunity to express yourself in a big way! We will use shapes, colors, lines, textures and more to express your authentic self in the moments we are together in time. Letting go and giving in to abstract art is very freeing. It’s hard to change the way we view art and the way we make it, but join me in shifting your perspective a bit.

Sacred Symbols

Paying attention to what is speaking to you can be hard in your day to day life. This workshop will help you slow down, be present and find your sacred symbol for your life now. We will discover your symbol through a guided meditation, then create it in your own way with the supplies provided in this workshop. You will work with intuition and follow your heart and spirit letting your mind follow along. Becoming Arts with Jenny T.

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