Jenny T.
Host a Workshop

Host a Workshop

Host a Workshop

$40 per person (Free for the Host!)*

Refelective Art Class at Prescott Athletic Club -Jenny T. Art and Soul Workshop
Eat, Drink and get ARTY!

Tired of the same sports bar or restaurants? Want to spend some time with your friends and have a true, memorable experience? Express your creative side, have fun with color, enjoy wine and friends and take home an awesome piece of art created by YOU!

Jenny T. of Jenny T. Designs helps you create a special and unique art experience for your group. Whatever the occasion, an art party is the perfect event to socialize and have a great time creating together. Get some friends together and let’s make some art!

Express yourself with your friends! Host a cozy group of 4 or more of your friends in your home or mine. You provide the space for the project, snacks, drinks and of course, your friends.  I provide all supplies and materials and facilitate each project on the date we pick for your hosted workshop. I also provide postcards for you to hand out and/or send to your friends along with an email invitation and a Facebook event. Your class is free once there are at least 4 attendees* registered! Enjoy your friends and your own creative experience! *4 participant minimum.


  • Select a date and email Jenny T. at [email protected] or call 928-830-9777 to schedule your event.
  • Choose a featured project for your group:

My Mandala – Meaning, YOUR mandala! Jenny T.  will guide through making your own intricate, meditative mandala.

Zenny T. Angles– Jenny T. shows you various avenues to create amazing, zen flavored, mesmerizing patterned masterpieces.

Reflection Words– Jenny T. walks you through a reflective project that pulls from the inspirations of your own experiences.

Write Angles Watercolors– Jenny T. guides you through a bit of creative writing then helps you pull inspiration from your writing to create a watercolor of your own.

Wisdom of the Trees– Jenny T. leads a discussion about learning from trees, then using the group discussion as a spring board, you create a beautiful, meaningful canvas paper mosaic.


  • $35-$40 per participant for a 2 & 3 hour party respectively.
  • If you host in your home, you provide guests (at least 4) drinks and appetizers and your class is FREE. (*After at least 4 guests besides you have registered and paid.)
  • If your event is hosted by Jenny T., your drinks and apps are provided (additional cost for events hosted by Jenny T.) 4 participant minimum, 8 participant max at Jenny T.’s. If you have room for more than 8, the more the merrier!
  • All levels of skill are ALWAYS  welcome! Bring your own vision, imagination and motivation!
  • All art supplies, guidance and instruction is provided. You keep handouts, your special memories of your experience and your beautiful, one of a kind creation made by one and only YOU!