Art Workshops
Art Workshops

Art Workshops

Discover your inner artist with fun, meaningful art making!

JennyT Collage -8-22-16

Art is good for your heart, soul and mind! Lots of people think that in order to make art you have to be a masterful, professional, money making artist, but in truth, EVERYONE is an artist! Come rediscover your creative side with simple, fun, meaningful projects that contain ways to create intuitively, enjoy the process and get more in touch with your creative energy!

Most projects involve creative writing, poetry or brainstorming, friendly discussions and main projects, all which exercise those creative muscles that we often forget to nurture, all in a safe, judgement free environment. Connect with yourself, your friends, laugh, drink and be merry while you create a new way of expressing your heart, art and soul! Click here for or contact me for currently scheduled workshops or to schedule your own Jenny T. art party workshop!

Here are just a few of the projects that are used in the Jenny T. Art Workshops:

  • What I Like About You—Partner/Individual blind drawings, “Lift You Up” group compliment sheets and magazine mosaic portraits.
  • Poetic Landscapes—journal poetry into lovely lettering landscapes.
  • Helping Handtangles—A group contribution of “helping hands” and helping stories with detailed patterned intricacies filling up the spaces.
  • Words and Watercolor—Inspired creative writing and watercolor paintings follow.
  • You’re Grounded—Journal and group discussion about what helps keep us grounded, and magazine mosaic tree construction.
  • Inspire and Reflect—Journal and group discussion about what inspires us and how we inspire others, then a reflection art project.

jenny-t-expressive-arts-collage jenny-t-expressive-arts-student jenny-t-expressive-arts-students